Friday, May 14, 2010

Online Guides for Tree of Tranquility

As the Official Strategy Guide I wrote for ToT no longer is in print, I have posted links to a couple of online guides for Tree of Tranquility written by an old friend. You will find the links on the right side of the page at my Harvest Moon Forever site, where you always can find links to my strategy guides as well.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Changes in ToT from Official Strategy Guide

I have addressed this in a post on my regular Harvest Moon site but a reader suggested that I link the information directly to the Official Strategy Guide information and I believe that would be helpful.

For those readers who are unaware of the situation, I actually wrote the Official Strategy Guide for Tree of Tranquility. I therefore cannot write any internet guides for the game as that would constitute a 'conflict of interests'. I am free, however, to continue to write internet guides for all other Harvest Moon games.

What occurred, however, with respect to ToT, was as follows: the final retail version of the game differed in some respects from the version I played and from which the guide information was derived. To prevent confusion on the part of players who are using the Official Guide, I would like to make the changes clear, as follows:

Raw Fish no longer is sold at the Fish Shop. You only can purchase Grilled Fish of the same varieties;

Decent Cocoons no longer are sold at the Brownie Ranch at ANY level of expansion; the exploitation described in the Guide still is valid but you must use Cocoons produced by your own silkworms;

There is a glitch in the oldest version of the game that causes it to freeze during Calvin's Request Event on the 10th floor of the Ganache Mine. This renders Calvin unmarriageable effectively. It is best to raise his Heart Level to five hearts ONLY to experience his 2nd gift visit, then lower it again with Failed Dishes. Do not enter the Ganache Mine if his heart level is high enough to trigger the Request Event. LOWER it before you enter to avoid this complication! If you have triggered his Request, you will be obliged to avoid the 10th Floor afterwards as the freeze always occurs.

Note on 21 March 2009: A new version of ToT now is available. The problem with respect to Calvin's Request Event has been eliminated in the new version.

There is an error in the Guide, inexplicable because my own notes and files give the correct location. For the 2nd Treasure Hunt item, look in the Maple Lake District, NOT the Caramel River area. I don't understand how this error was made frankly.

Recipe for Cheese Fondue obviously should include Cheese. The omission occurred in the Recipes Page in the game, but I intended to rectify it and in haste, neglected to do so. 'My bad', as they say...